Brain Treatment Options

There are many different brain treatment options for a person with a tumor. Your doctor will decide the best option for you depending on a variety of things. It depends on how old you are and how healthy you are. It also depends on the tumor itself, how big is it and where is it located in the brain. As you can imagine, brain treatment is very complicated. You should always tell your doctor about any medical issues you have.


If you have a brain tumor, you will most likely have surgery to remove all or part of the tumor. The first step is for your doctor to get a sample of the tumor itself. The doctor will remove all or a piece of the tumor, then test it to see what kind of tumor it is. If the tumor is a benign tumor, the doctor will try to remove it all and if successful, there will not need to be any additional procedures after that.


brain treatmentHowever, prior to surgery, your doctor may give you other brain treatment plans. There is a chance of seizures so to prevent this your doctor may give you an anticonvulsant drug to help with this. There is also a chance of swelling in the brain so your doctor may give you a steroid of some sort to help prevent this. Also, some people experience excess fluid in the brain so your doctor will most likely install a shunt to help alleviate this issue. The fluid is moved to another part of your body where it can be drained much easier.


Another brain treatment option is radiation. Radiation is basically high energy rays that go into your brain to kill any of the tumor cells. This stops them from expanding or growing more. If the brain tumor is in a location where the doctor cannot access it through surgery, then radiation is an option to get rid of it. Radiation will only affect the cells your doctor wants it to affect. The doctor is able to be very precise with it and so it will only kill the bad cells in your brain. Also, sometimes after a person has surgery to remove the tumor the doctor may still recommend radiation, if they think there may be additional bad cells in there. There are three main kinds of radiation. They are internal radiation, external radiation, and stereotactic radiation.


Another brain treatment option is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is basically using chemicals and drugs to treat diseases. The drugs are given to the patient by either mouth or through an IV. It is given in cycles, you will be given a strong dose and then you will have a break period. They will do this a few times and then check to see how the tumor is progressing. Then they will decide if they need to do another cycle of the drugs. Chemotherapy is a brain treatment option but it has a lot of side effects. The side effects include loss of hair and appetite, nausea, and sores.


If the above options are not going to work for you there are always new clinical trials happening. Talk to your doctor about the best options for you.