Here are the top five ways to use marijuana (while storing it in a smell proof weed bag)

When it comes to using marijuana, there are many ways to ingest it! You can also purchase weed in many different forms and take it in a number of ways. It is important to know the ways to store it as well so you don’t wind up with stinky clothes or a stinky car. You can always purchase a smell proof weed bag for your weed or store it in a glass jar or other type of odorless bag. smell proof weed bags

Besides storing the stuff, there are many ways to take it nowadays. Listed here are the top five ways to use marijuana:

  1. Smoke it. You can smoke marijuana! This is the oldest and most well known way to take it in. You can smoke it in many ways including a pipe, joint and bong. Smoking it has its benefits but also causes harm to your lungs. If you want to save your lungs, then you will want to try other forms of ingestion in order to get the same buzz without the carcinogens.
  2. Vape it. One of the healthiest ways to ingest marijuana is to vape it. This gives you the full benefits of your marijuana without the carcinogens that come with smoking it. It also smells less potent and is far less potent to tote around with you at the same time. You can even buy vapes in the form of vape pens.
  3. Eat it. You can also eat your marijuana in the form of edibles. Edibles have come a long way from the weed brownies that you may have been used to back in the day. you can now find edibles in many different forms such as cakes, chips, candies, and more.
  4. Drink it. You can even drink your marijuana nowadays. You can find cannabis infused drinks that can range from cokes to alcoholic beverages.
  5. Rub it in. You can also apply it topically in the form of a lotion or a cream. This is a way to ingest it through your skin and will give you a mild body buzz that will help with any aches, pains, or skin rashes and more.

As you can see, there are many ways to ingest cannabis into your system. If you want to store all of these forms of it, then you will want to consider buying an odor proof backpack to handle your habit. You can also find odorless vape cases for women and other types of stylish bags and purses that will work well for your needs. There are many types of bags that you can buy in order to store your weed that can range from odorless plastic bags to stylish luggage or totes. It is important to hide the stench in style!

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