Marijuana Dispensary in Denver

Cannabis is used, among other things, to treat chronic pain, nerve pain, glaucoma to reduce intraocular pressure, ADHD and Tourettes Syndrome. Cannabis extracts, cannabis flowers or single cannabinoids are used – these are cannabis-based agents. Cannabis is also used against nausea and appetite increase in cancer and AIDS patients, rheumatism and spastic pain in multiple sclerosis. Which form of medicinal cannabis is given to patients by cannabis dispensary? On prescription, patients can receive medicinal cannabis flowers or cannabis extract. The cannabis flowers are dried flowers of the female cannabis plant.

The active ingredients are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol. The content of both ingredients may vary depending on the variety. Cannabis extract is an extract of the pharmaceutical grade female cannabis plant. The extract has an adjusted content of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. In the marijuana dispensary Denver, the extracted extract is processed into capsules or as a dropping solution. In addition to these prescription medicines, two finished medicines are also available in pharmacies. The active substance delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is included as a derived active ingredient nabilone in Canemes tablets. Nabilone is used to relieve nausea caused by chemotherapy. For the treatment of multiple sclerosis Sativex is used. The spray is applied directly to the oral mucosa. What does the patient have to do if they want to get cannabis prescribed? If this is an initial prescription of cannabis-based therapies, a health insurance authorization must be obtained before the start of the benefit. The patient must take care of this authorization with the assistance of his doctor. For pharmacies there is no need to re-examine. However, it is recommended to take out insurance with health insurances so that the costs are actually covered. If a follow-up regulation exists, approval by the health insurance may be assumed. Are there limits on prescribing medical marijuana? A maximum amount for the prescription of cannabis flowers, as with other narcotics, is provided for by the Narcotic Prescription Ordinance. The maximum amount here is 100 grams per month and patient.

How to store cannabis in private households? In principle, medicines should always be stored separately. Children should not have access to the medicines. Ingestion by children or people who have not been prescribed the drug can cause serious health problems. What side effects can occur when you consume THC? Like any other drug, medical cannabis is not free of side effects. Fatigue and dizziness, disorientation or euphoria, confusion, attention and memory disorders or depression may occur when ingested. Diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, profuse sweating and hallucinations can also occur after taking medical marijuana. Therefore, while driving, driving vehicles and operating machinery is not recommended. Cannabis use in children and adolescents can lead to brain development disorders. Is there a danger of dependence on medical marijuana? When taking medicinal cannabis, a habituation effect and dependency can occur. Compared to substances such as alcohol and nicotine, however, these are less pronounced. Physical dependencies are relatively rare in medical marijuana. On the other hand, psychological dependence can occur with regular consumption. If the craving for cannabis is not breastfed, it rarely causes physical withdrawal symptoms. This can cause restlessness, nervousness, insomnia and loss of appetite.