Wearing Foot Orthotics to Correct your Biomechanical Problems

Problems with the feet is a common biomechanical problem that can affect almost the entire body and many people today suffer from foot-related problems which causes them feelings of discomfort and chronic pain. If there are complications with the feet and the way it moves, this can offset the movement of the connected structure which is why people who suffer from complications in their feet also feel pain in the upper areas such as the hip, back, and even the neck.

Thankfully, there is a solution to foot-related problems and a biomechanical imbalance in the feet, and that comes in the form of orthotics. Orthotics are basically medical correctional devices that work on the feet as glasses work on the eyes, they correct any imbalance and help provide support so as to relieve the symptoms the person is suffering from like chronic pain.

Orthotics can come in the form of orthotic footwear, but a more preferred solution are orthotic foot insoles which slip in easily into the shoes of the person and are inexpensive compared to orthotic footwear.

People who have been suffering from chronic pain due to foot-related problems should really consider getting orthotic foot insoles. Orthotics is also good for athletes who are in high-impact sports as their feet can be under lots of stress and pressure.

When it comes to deciding to get orthotics it is important to know which ones are ideal for you. Take note that there are a variety of options of orthotic foot insoles. Let’s go over three of the basic orthotic foot insoles that you can choose from.

  1. Heel Seats – The heel seat is basically the classic orthotic foot insole. This kind of orthotic foot insole makes use of acupressure to help ease the pain of the wearer while also giving support to the feet. People who have average height foot arches can benefit most from this type of orthotic foot insole.
  2. Gel Heel seats – Similar to the previous type of orthotic foot insole, gel heel seats are much like heel seats only that they are made out of a different material, gel. This type of orthotic foot insole is ideal for people who have feet that are very sensitive.
  3. Heel Seats (Full Length with Arch Support) – This kind of orthotic foot insole is for those who have high foot arches. They are designed to be able to support high-arched feet comfortable. These are also ideal for people who experience a lot of pain in their arch area.

When you are wearing orthotic foot insoles, it is important to understand that the adjustment will take some time. Wearing new orthotic foot insoles may feel uncomfortable at first, but gradually it will feel more comfortable. It is advised to wear the insoles during the first day for a few hours, increasing wear time over time until you are able to wear them basically all the time.

With orthotic foot insoles, your foot problems and chronic pain will be a thing of the past and you can walk and move around much more comfortably with orthotics.